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Blanchard & Company is Central Alberta’s local and dependable Licensed Insolvency Trustee, dedicated to freeing their clients from debt. As a designated Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP) and Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), Brian Blanchard has been helping Central Albertans find financial stability since 2007. Joined by accomplished Insolvency Administrator Joan Rude, the professional team at Blanchard & Company have the necessary skills and experience to help their clients repair their debts.

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Our team

Brian Blanchard | CIRP & LIT

If you are struggling with debt, there is no better person to have on your team than Brian Blanchard (CIRP & LIT). The founder of Blanchard & Company, Brian brings an understanding and compassionate approach to debt relief for anyone who is financially struggling. As an experienced insolvency professional, Brian tailors each solution to his clients’ unique needs and provide them with all the details they need to make financially sound decisions for themselves. Brian treats every client with the same level of empathy, honesty, and respect because he understands that debt does not define who you are.

Unlike other Licensed Insolvency professionals, Brian resides in Central Alberta full time, meaning all your files stay right here in Red Deer. When not helping clients find financial freedom, Brian can often be found enjoying a game of hockey or admiring vintage vehicles. Proud to call Central Alberta home, Brian enjoys improving this community by supporting local businesses by buying products locally grown or made right here in Central Alberta and has previously volunteered for Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA).

Brian also values excellence in everything he does. He is constantly improving his skills through personal and professional development in order to build strong relationships and provide optimal service at Blanchard & Company.

Joan Rude | Insolvency Administrator

If you are looking to lift the burden of debt, look no further than Joan Rude (Insolvency Administrator). Working alongside Brian, Joan has developed a passion for helping both individuals and families find financial freedom in order to help reduce mental stress and physical challenges. Joan believes that debt does not define her clients and always goes the extra mile by offering a welcoming environment and a listening ear.

Joan is proud to call Central Alberta home. When not in the office helping clients find financial stability, Joan often enjoys discovering the new and diverse offerings of the Red Deer area and volunteering her time at local organizations. She has been a volunteer for the Red Deer Soccer Association Coaching and Coordinating Teams for more than 10 years.

Joan also values spending time with her family and grandchildren. Often being told she has a large and warm heart, Joan has a soft spot for helping families and seniors find financial freedom through her work as an Insolvency Administrator at Blanchard & Company.

Central Alberta is Home

Central Alberta is our home and we want to help those in our community flourish. Currently, we are the only firm in Central Alberta with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee responsible for insolvency estates that actually lives in our community.  At our firm, your file will stay right here in Red Deer with one of our professionals who has met you and is familiar with your specific situation. Blanchard & Company has Central Alberta communities and citizens best interests at heart.

We care about our community

Debt Consolidation

Passionate About People

Blanchard & Company offers a safe space for you to discuss your financial hardships in a non-judgmental, completely confidential environment. We care about helping people who are struggling with finances.   We will assess their situation, educate them on their options, and support them through the process of becoming debt free again. If you have been feeling stressed about how to pay your bills or feel there is no way you can ever get ahead of an overwhelming amount of debt, contact us today. Let’s sit down and talk.

Here to listen, not judge

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“I believe starting at the bottom and working our way up is a noble and useful way to find success. This allows us to understand the complexities, nuances, and work required for everyone in an organization so we can best assist our co-workers and colleagues by making thoughtful and considerate decisions.”
-Brian Blanchard- Founder | CIRP | LIT